Fasad From Japan


  • allows moisture to escape from with in walls
  • helps avoid mold, health problems and dry-rot in walls
  • helps provide a healthy living environment
  • improves sustainability of the building
  • provides savings in maintenance and energy consumption
  • is available in a wide variety of colors and textures
  • creates a seamless panelized appearance
  • reduces construction time and cost
  • is environmentally low impact by using 5o% recycled materials

The KMEW Siding System helps avoid mold and health problems and dry-rot in walls.



Buildings using the KMEW Siding System are more energy efficient, and sustainable, have fewer maintenance problems and provide a healthier living environment for their occupants

Green product

KMEW exterior siding panels consist of 43.5% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

In order to meet the increasing market demand for environmentally sound products, KMEW has established a recycling initiative in Japan. In this initiative, excess material at installation sites is collected and transported back to one of the nearby KMEW facilities. There, gathered material is processed and recycled into new exterior siding and roofing material.

Fire Resistance

According to Regulation (EU) No 305/211, standard EN12467:2012 and EN13501-1 KMEW Siding classified as A2-s1,do material with ce-marking-250x250-marking.

Development of New Technology-self-cIeaning function!

Extensive research in minimizing discoloration and fading had led to a development of our Nano- protect technology. The technology allows for an application of photocatalystic ceramic coating onto exterior siding materials, which triggers strong generation of oxidation power when the siding panels are exposed to sunlight. The oxidation initializes the decomposition of organisms that are attached to the surface of the siding panels. With a help of rain shower, detached and decomposed organisms are washed away. This self-cleaning function of the exterior siding panels minimizes time spent on cleaning and re-coating to maintain the beautiful appearance of the building.


Our coating technology provides a high-performance surface finish against fading and discoloration.

The heat-resistant, UV-cutting ceramic coating maintains the beautiful colors for many years.

  1. Super Weather Resistance
  2. Low Maintenance


1. Super Weather Resistance

The high resistance to UV rays minimizes degradation and color fading – supported by 20 Year Limited Color Warranty.

Ceramic Coating

The heat-resistant,UV-cutting ceramic coating (inorganic coating) maintains the beautiful colors for many years as they were when the panels were


Sunshine Carbon Arc Test Results


Ceramic coated panels are subjected to continuous cycles of UV rays and water exposure to measure color degradation. The horizontal axis of the graph indicates the irradiation time, and the vertical axis indicates the degree of color fading.

A color loss of Delta E2 is barely detectable by the trained human eye. A color loss of Delta E3 is noticeable to the untrained eye. As shown in the graph, Ceramic coated panels over a thirty year life will not fade to a level Delta E3 which is detectable to the untrained eye.

2. Low Maintenance

Ceramic coating does not require re-painting as much as acrylic paint does and your maintenance cost will be reduced significantly.

Ceramic Coating


Due to the super weather resistance, Ceramic Coating is nearly impervious to color fading.Some maintenance and cleaning may be required over the lifetime. Re-painting is under most conditions unnecessary. *

Third Party Acrylic Paint


After 5 – 7 years acrylic paint may fade and dirt and grime may begin to stand out. This siding can be easily re-painted with your own choice of colors.

Installation instructions


Metal structure


Multistory building


Wooden structure